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thomson_info_enGuy Corbett-Thompson

Founder of Chiropractic Consultation Barranquet.
Graduate of Anglo European College of Chiropratic (England, 1986)*
Graduate of University of Western Ontario, (Ontario Canada)*
Member of Asociacion Española de Quiropractica.
Ex-member of the British Chiropractic Association.

Conditions Treated:
· Lower BACK pain, Sciatica and Spinal DISC problems.
· NECK pain, SHOULDER and ARM pain.
· MIGRAINES, HEADACHES and NECK related dizziness.
· Road Traffic Accidents, Whiplash Disorders and SPORTS related injuries.

Treatment techniques:
· Spinal adjustments – low force techniques.
· Sacral – Occipital technique (SOT).
· Flexion / Distraction.
· Massage, Muscle Myofascial trigger point therapy, stretching techniques.
· Exercise – spinal stabilisation.
· Postural rehabilitation and Core strengthening.

Registered with a wide variety of insurance companies.